Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Elul's List

On my 2015 Yira list you are
Written in invisible ink.

When I think of you, and I do,
I sometimes shed a tear.

I remember the fights, those
in and around the kitchen sink.

A guitar plays without your voice
reminding me.

There were days back then that I dipped into
cheap wine just so I could decently think.

Thoughts came hard and damn it,
I was angry, in every single ear.

Dumb struck, after, on that pavement,
street dust made it hard to blink.

Our essence escaped faster than trapped ether
along with the sound of us, silent as a warrior's spear.

No spit in my mouth, swallowing hard,
I saw an abyss and stepped up to the brink.

We never did understand that beastly fear;
each other's and those we hold most dear.


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